Market Statistics


Average Price Listings
Homes $421,250 10
Land $398,269 13

Avondale, West Ashley, SC Real Estate

Avondale is a loosely defined, West Ashley neighborhood nestled between Savannah Highway and St. Andrews Boulevard. The majority of Avondale real estate consists of 1950’s brick or aluminum-sided single-family homes, although it is not unusual to find townhouses or newer homes. Like many 1950’s suburban neighborhoods with rich character and in close proximity to Downtown Charleston, Avondale has become a renovation hotspot sought by homebuyers commuting to the Medical University of South Carolina and Broad Street alike. Now a predominantly revitalized West Ashley neighborhood in the Ashley River District - often dubbed the “Designer District” - Avondale homes sell for a premium. The average price per square foot in Avondale is around $200.

Finding Avondale can be tricky because the neighborhood is not clearly marked. Avondale street names tend to end primarily with dale such as Rosedal Drive, Riverdale Drive, Ashdale Drive, Oakdale Place, Lindendal Avenue and, albeit obvious, Avondale Avenue. Additional streets include Arcadian Way, Stratford Road, Penn Avenue, Arcadian Park and Peeks Pike Avenue.  Many of these streets connect to both Savannah Highway (Highway 17) and St. Andrews Boulevard (Highway 61).

The near by neighborhood, Ashley Forest, is very similar to, and is understandably considered part of, Avondale. Ashley Forest homes tend to be slightly smaller and less expensive than those in Avondale. With one exception, Audubon Avenue, all Ashley Forest streets are named after trees: Hickory Street, Live Oak Avenue, Tall Oak Avenue, Battlewood Avenue, Collingwood Avenue and Magnolia Road.

Aside from the mid-century, bungalow-style homes which characterize Avondale, its homebuyers are drawn to the neighborhood for lifestyle reasons. Young professionals ranging from MUSC residents, College of Charleston graduate students, and families seeking a more diverse community call Avondale home because it is within walking distance to the West Ashley Greenway, as well as numerous restaurants and bars that have emerged over the past several years.  There is no stereotype to describe the patrons of Gene’s Haufbrau, Voodoo Tiki Bar and Lounge, the award-winning Al Di La, Triangle Char and Bar, Pearlz, or Avondale Wine and Cheese. But, odds are they walked from and will walk back to their homes in Avondale, Ashley Forest or Byrnes Down.