Market Statistics

Old Village

Average Price Listings
Homes $1,738,500 30
Land $1,594,400 35

Old Village, Mount Pleasant, SC Real Estate

Pitt St Live OakThe Old Village is Mt. Pleasant's oldest and most sought after neighborhood. The historic homes along the banks of Shem Creek and Charleston Harbor enjoy the finest Lowcoutry setting imaginable. Ancient live oak trees line the centuries old streets from The Old Pitt Street Bridge to Magwood Lane. Around the corner from any home in the Old Village are historic landmarks, public parks and hidden gardens.

Homes for Sale

Property values are justifiably higher compared to other Mount Pleasant neighborhoods. Single family homes seldom priced for less than $500,000 and probably need some updating and repairs. Buyers should be willing to pay $750,000 or more for turn-key homes in the Old Village. Be skeptical if you come across any homes for sale that appear to be diamonds in the rough. Listings priced significantly below comparable homes may not be in the Old Village or, more often, require major repairs.

Great care is taken to preserve Mount Pleasant's historic village, however, new homes are not difficult to find. New homes and docks built in the Old Village must comply with such exacting architectural standards they can be difficult to distinguish from historic structures. Dock permits undergo even more scrutiny before they are issued because OCRM and the Historic Preservation Society approve environmental impacts and design.

Old Village docksIn order to truly appreciate waterfront homes in the Old Village take a boat ride from Shem Creek to the Intracoastal Waterway behind Sullivan's Island. The breathtaking Charleston style homes with docks stretching across marsh grass to deep water are the same magnificent houses people ogle on streets like Pitt, Middle and Bennett.